Mengtop Announces Unique & Quality Wholesale Products For Retailers To Build Their Brand & Grow Business

January 22 12:53 2018
With products like car charger qc3.0 and cat eyes power bank, China based MENGTOP Technology Co.,Ltd allows retailers to expand their customer base and build their brand in their respective market.

In the modern times, people use a wide range of mobile and smart devices that run on the battery. MENGTOP Technology Co.,Ltd specializes in the design and development of chargers, power banks and other related products that can allow consumers to charge their devices on the go. The company is a wholesale supplier of such products, allowing retailers from around the world to quickly grow their business.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they have unique products in their portfolio that are usable, durable and are affordably priced for retail businesses around the world. “We allow you to build up your brand by offering quality and useful products to your customers,” he states. They supply power banks and charging stations that are portable, easy to use and are designed for quick charging of devices.

Mengtop Announces Unique & Quality Wholesale Products For Retailers To Build Their Brand & Grow Business

The company has several featured products in their stock which are highly popular among the end customers. For example, the car charger qc3.0 is in great demand for its far charging ability. The charger can charge up devices four times faster than the conventional chargers. The charge comes with the smart USB ports that can quickly identify the devices that require full speed charging. There are built-in safeguards in the charger to protect it from excessive current flow and overheating to ensure a safe charging of mobile devices.

The cat eyes power bank is another popular product of the company that they supply to a number of retail businesses across the globe. This blinking power bank comes with cute stickers, allowing a person to change its look as per his/her mood. The eyes of the cat indicate the power voltage, and a fully open eye would mean 100% voltage. The spokesperson reveals that a ferocious look of this power bank will be an indication that it needs to be charged. The power bank comes with cool interactive features that can attract the attention of every discerning customer.

To know more about the features of the power banks and chargers the company supplies, one can visit their website

About MENGTOP Technology Co.,Ltd

MENGTOP Technology Co.,Ltd started its business with the B2B department from EasyAcc, which is set up in 2015. Due to rapid expansion on many more projects, they build a company named MENGTOP, and start their operations in February of 2017. MENGTOP carefully selects factories with years of expertise in the field, and works together to help develop quality, innovative and unique products. MENGTOP according to customer’s requirement and their own idea creates new products. All products available with them are original, from the initial concept, research, designing to the final production process.

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